Hints for Zoom Rehearsals

Our first Zoom Rehearsal was such a success, we are having another at the regular Squawkestra rehearsal date & time – 7pm April 30.

For those who haven’t used zoom before

  • it is easiest if you download it to your computer prior to the meeting, then you can just click on the link that will be provided in the regular Squawkestra update email
  • download from https://zoom.us/support/download
  • there is a microphone and a camera setting once you are connected. You can mute and unmute the microphone and turn the video on or off from your screen.  Remember to turn your computer camera on so Kat can see you and your instrument
  • the default screen layout is “Speaker” view where the person speaking is displayed in a large window.  This is good when Kat is conducting.  The “Gallery View” (aka the “Brady Bunch” layout) shows all participants, and is good for general chatting.  Click on the buttons on the top right of your screen to toggle between the two
  • open the zoom “chat” window (click on voice bubble button at bottom of screen) so that you can communicate via typed text with other participants even when your microphone is muted

Special settings for music sessions

  • as zoom is optimised for voice, it doesn’t always get it right for music
  • the simplest change is in the settings >> Audio section and to Uncheck “Automatically adjust microphone volume”
  • there are more details in this terrific resource Best Zoom Meeting settings for Remote Music Lessons

During rehearsal

  • bring your instrument, music stand, pencil and music
  • position yourself and your device so that Kat can see both your instrument and face
  • make sure you have tuned before rehearsal starts.  There are many free tuner apps available that checks and shows visually if and when you’re in tune  
  • some members found they had the best sound by using headphones; wear it one ear on so you can hear the session and one ear off so you can hear your instrument

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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