A Performance Like No Other

Thursday 28th May 2020 was to be our first concert for the year.  The repertoire had been selected, the venue booked and we began working hard rehearsing our pieces.  And then COVID-19 hit, and like everything else in our lives, Squawkestra had to stand down, stop rehearsals and hunker down in our individual “physically distant” spaces.

But guided by Kat, our courageous musical director and conductor, Squawkestra moved online, with rehearsal videos and zoom rehearsals allowing us to connect and play again together from our studies, studios and spare rooms.

So it was with this spirit of experimentation and to “Embrace the Glitch and Love the Lag”, we staged our first zoom performance on the night of our scheduled concert – Thursday 28th May.  Dressed in our concert blacks we played some of the original concert repertoire, Beethoven’s 1st Movement of Pastoral Symphony and Joachim Johow’s Russian Horses, using the “Follow The Leader” technique we had refined in previous zoom rehearsals.  We then had a number of wonderful solo performances, enabling us to share the progress of individuals’ practice and musical discoveries.

It wasn’t the concert we had envisaged at the beginning of the year, rather it was a Squawkestra performance for this strange, pandemic time.

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