Reveal your Sanctuary

Our first online season was given the title, “Build you Sanctuary”. Recently we asked orchestra members to reveal the sanctuary that has kept members busy on music and engaged with each other.

“Here’s part of my den”. 

“This is a map of my neighbourhood which is my sanctuary for the next six weeks. I can go to all places within the pink circle on my bike if I can get there and back within an hour. It should be possible! I intend to know it a lot better by mid September”.

“Corona virus changed the way our orchestra got to meet and interact. We went from meeting in person, to meeting through Zoom. While Zoom’s audio features for an orchestra are not astounding, it is better than nothing. I think everyone’s experience depends on the quality of their computers and internet connection. I understand how it could get very frustrating. 

I really appreciate the efforts of our Conductor, Katrina O’Brien, and the Committee Members for keeping this going. Our Zoom Orchestra meetings help me to continue to improve my understanding of music, keep me motivated to practice, and I enjoy seeing the members of our group. I am relieved to see that they are safe and well. 

When we have our Zoom Orchestra Meetings, I build my Sanctuary our office. I set up my music stand and turn on the computer. Some practices, I dim the lights and string up Lights for a change of atmosphere. Though, this photo only shows a regular night”. 

“Slippers-check! Heater on-check! Sheet Music -Check! Hot cup of tea-Check! Cuddles from my kids as they go to bed on the other side of the wall-Check! It’s time to load up the Zoom meeting for our fortnightly rehearsal. 

Multi-tasking, multi-platform, multi-screen, multi-tab. I feel like I am pressing buttons on the console of a spacecraft rather than conducting an orchestra. None-the less, I still get the same rush that a teaching conductor gets when navigating my way through a complex tunnel of sound, trying to make sense of it for myself and for everyone else. By the end of the rehearsal, we have all learned something new about how to listen. We are playing our instrument among supportive peers who encourage us and keep us inspired. 

We have learned to embrace the glitch and love the lag (hmmm…. well almost). Zoom gives us a new excuse on which to blame our late entries and wrong notes it also reminds us that we have no excuse to give up. Each fortnightly rehearsal not only gives us an opportunity to play our instruments and get better at our craft, it is an opportunity to take time to appreciate everything that we have. My sanctuary keeps me busy, and connected to my community”. 

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