Conduction – An improvisation technique


Adam Simmons 

Orchestra workshop series and concert

$25 for non-Squawkestra members. Free for Squawkestra members

Thursday April 2 and Thursday April 16 at Northcote Uniting Church (251 High st Northcote) 

7:00 – 9:00 pm


Thursday April 30

7:30 Northcote Uniting Church

Hear a performace outcome from the workshop series

During the workshop series, participants will be exploring Conduction, a unique form of improvisation ideal for ensemble players. Here’s what Adam has to say about Conduction.


“Conduction” is a system of hand gestures that the conductor uses to compose on-the-spot. Adam Simmons learnt directly from its creator, Lawrence “Butch” Morris (USA) in 2005. Since then, Adam has used it with professional and amateur ensembles, often using it to bring disparate instruments, abilities and ages together in creating a truly communal music. “Conduction” is a fantastic tool for encouraging improvising and musical creativity to those who have trouble getting away from “the dots”, while giving the opportunity for those who do improvise to push themselves further. Basically, the workshops teach the gestural language” or “words”, which then get used to create musical “stories”. In workshops, Adam uses “Conduction” to help develop an ensemble’s cohesion and understanding of working together, which can then be applied to more conventional music-making.
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