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Break time roster

Alternating between 3 groups:

  • Violins and violas 
  • Woodwinds (Flutes, Clarinets, Oboe & Bassoon) and Brass (Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn)
  • Cellos

A reminder that if you are on break duty you need to do the following:

  • Bring snacks to share. Could be a packet of biscuits or chips, a cake, bread and dips, some fresh fruit. Easily shareable food is best.
  • One person will need to get 1 litre of milk as their contribution. Please arrange in the previous rehearsal or get some from the supermarket across the road  when arriving.
  • Set up the tea and coffee, get out cups, turn on the urn at the start of rehearsal.
  • Help set up and pack up chairs
  • Wash the dishes, clean kitchen area and leave it sparkly for the next group to use.
  • Please contribute, it is sad to see when the same people help every time and others don’t.

2020 Roster 

Rehearsals MOVED ONLINE for the foreseeable future due to the COVID-19 Emergency.
Use the zoom link in the Squawkestra Update email sent prior to the rehearsal to join.

February 6 – Violins and Violas
February 20 – Woodwinds and Brass
March 5 – Cellos
March 19 – Violins and Violas
April 2 – Woodwinds and Brass
April 16 – Cellos
April 30 – Violins and Violas
May 14 – Woodwinds and Brass
May 28 – Cellos
June 11 – Violins and Violas
June 25 – Woodwinds and Brass
July 9 – Cellos
July 23 – Violins and Violas
August 6 – Woodwinds and Brass
August 20 – Cellos
September 3 – Violins and Violas
September 17 – Woodwinds and Brass
October 1 – Cellos
October 15 – Violins and Violas
October 29 – Woodwinds and Brass
November 12 – Cellos
November 26 – Violins and Violas
December 10 – Woodwinds and Brass

2020 Concert Seasons

2020 Squawks Rehearsal Schedule Seasons 1 & 2

“Make an Entrance” – Season #1 (Feb 6 – May 28)

Performance – Thursday May 28, 7:30pm, Venue TBA


  • Pastoral Symphony mvt 1 Beethoven arr. Meyer
  • Rum Bah Brian West
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban John Williams arr. Michael Story
  • Russian Horses Joachim Johow

Principal Violin Jac Schwarz
Principal Cello Katherine Ramsay
Principal Oboe Greg Kociuba

A Warmer Winter with Squawkestra – Geelong Tour – Season #2 (June 11  – August 23)

Performance Sunday August 23,  Geelong High School

Repertoire TBA

Principal violin Ann-Marie O’Brien
positions vacant: Brass, woodwind & lower strings players are invited to apply

Apply for a Principal Player position here

Season #3 (September 3 – Early December)

Principal violin Stephanie Ahtuam
positions vacant: Brass, Woodwind, lower strings players invited to apply

Apply for a Principal Player position here

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