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Covid-19 Safe Plan

This COVID-19 safe plan has been compiled for members and associates of Squawkestra Orchestra (Squawkestra) in accordance with regulations set down by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Public Health Unit (PHU). It is subject to change as COVID-19 circumstances in Victoria evolve.

For the safety of all members of the community, members and/or associates of Squawkestra are required to give a commitment to the following while attending or intending to attend a rehearsal or concert:

  • Check-in via QR code as a condition of entry to the venue. Attendees will check in with the Service Victoria app with the Squawkestra specific Location code (7H5 F37) and the registration details will be stored in Service Victoria databases for 28 days. (as per
  • Correctly fitting face masks must be worn at all times when attending rehearsals. Wind players may remove masks for playing, but they must be worn when moving about and on leaving the venue
  • Do not share instruments or items of equipment.
  • Brass and other wind players should provide their own absorbent towel for use in collecting water and other discharges from their instrument. This should be placed where it is most effective in collecting droplets of moisture. The floor should be wiped clean with an appropriate sanitising fluid.
  • Chairs must be wiped with a sanitising cloth after use.
  • All attendees must observe the requirements for maintaining an adequate distance between players. An overall allocation of two square metres per player must be compatible with a minimum of 1.5 m between individual chairs. Distance between players is measured from the nearest edge, not from the centre of the person.
  • A distance of 2 m at least is recommended for wind players Further information for wind players can be found at:
  • If experiencing a fever, sore throat, runny nose, unproductive cough or general feelings of being unwell get tested and stay at home. Do not attend rehearsals or concerts.
  • If you are confirmed to have a positive COVID-19 result, are waiting for results of a required test
    or have been advised by DHHS to isolate do not attend rehearsals or concerts.
  • If you return a positive test for COVID-19 and have attended a rehearsal in the preceding two weeks, please notify your committee member or

More information regarding State and Federal guidelines can be found at:

On-Duty Roster

Our usual break with tea or coffee and shared food has been put on hold for the moment due to Covid-19 precautions, however assistance is still required to help set up and pack up chairs etc.

This task will still be alternating between our 3 “break” groups:

  • Violins and violas 
  • Woodwinds (Flutes, Clarinets, Oboe & Bassoon) and Brass (Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn)
  • Cellos

2022 Roster 

February 10 – Cellos
February 24 – Violins and Violas
March 10 – Woodwinds and Brass
March 24 – Cellos
April 7 – Violins and Violas
April 21 – Woodwinds and Brass
May 5 – Cellos
May 19 – Violins and Violas
June 2 – Woodwinds and Brass
June 16 – Cellos
June 30 – Violins and Violas
July 14 – Woodwinds and Brass
July 28 – Cellos
August 11 – Violins and Violas
August 25 – Woodwinds and Brass
September 8 – Cellos
September 22 – Violins and Violas
October 6 – Woodwinds and Brass
October 20 – Cellos
November 3 – Violins and Violas
November 17 – Woodwinds and Brass
December 1 – Cellos
December 15 – Violins and Violas

Principal Players

Squawkestra is introducing Principal Player positions for each of our rehearsal seasons.
A Squawkestra Principal Player will need to –

  • Be willing to lead a sectional rehearsal on a regular basis
  • Be willing to assist orchestra members with questions during sectional rehearsals (musical and other).
  • Be supportive and encouraging to orchestra members
  • Provide support to conductor as required
  • Be willing to commit to all rehearsals in a rehearsal season
  • Be willing to give it a go!

Expressions of interest will be taken from orchestra players by completing a Principal Player Application and it is expected that these roles will be rotated through interested orchestra members.

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