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2019 Membership Form with Online Payment Details

Little Winter Concert YouTube Links

Arrangements we will be performing (so listen with your music or instrument to nail any exposed entries!)

And for inspiration (close, but not play-alongable!)

Concert Details for Orchestra members can be found here: Little Winter Music-concert plan

Break time roster
Alternating between 3 groups:

  • Violins and violas 
  • Woodwinds (Flutes, Clarinets, Oboe & Bassoon) and Brass (Trombone, Trumpet, French Horn)
  • Cellos

A reminder that if you are on break duty you need to do the following:

  • Bring snacks to share. Could be a packet of biscuits or chips, a cake, bread and dips, some fresh fruit. Easily shareable food is best.
  • One person will need to get 1 litre of milk as their contribution. Please arrange in the previous rehearsal or get some from the supermarket across the road  when arriving.
  • Set up the tea and coffee, get out cups, turn on the urn at the start of rehearsal.
  • Help set up and pack up chairs
  • Wash the dishes, clean kitchen area and leave it sparkly for the next group to use.
  • Please contribute, it is sad to see when the same people help every time and others don’t.

2019 Roster 

February 7 – Woodwinds and Brass
February 21 – Cellos
March 7 – Violins and Violas
March 21 – Woodwinds and Brass
April 4 – Cellos
April 18 – Violins and Violas
May 2 – Woodwinds and Brass
May 16 – Cellos
May 30 – Violins and Violas
June 13 – Woodwinds and Brass (concert)
June 27 – Cellos
July 11 – Violins and Violas (EXTRA Rehearsal)
July 18 – Woodwinds and Brass
July 25 – Cellos (EXTRA Rehearsal)
August 1 – Violins and Violas
August 8 – Woodwinds and Brass (Private Soiree)
August 15 – Cellos (Dress Rehearsal)
August 22 – Violins and Violas
September 5 – Woodwinds and Brass
September 19 – Cellos
October 3 – Violins and Violas
October 17 – Woodwinds and Brass
October 31 – Cellos
November 14 – Violins and Violas
November 28 – Woodwinds and Brass
December 12 – Cellos


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