Christmas Soiree – 6 December

Our final event for 2018 is the Christmas Soiree, an intimate performance for Squawkestra members and squawky friends, this Thursday 6th December.  We have some solos, duos and small ensembles lined up, as well as playing all together (something Christmassy, perhaps?)

Please remember to bring your $$ for the catering if you haven’t paid yet.

We are also having a music round-up, so please bring all your squawky sheet music.  All will be gratefully received – this year’s repertoire or any rogue, ancient pieces.



Squawkestra AGM – 29 November

Notice of Meeting

The 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of SQUAWKESTRA Inc. will be held at Northcote Senior Citizen’s Centre, 18A Bent Street Northcote on Thursday 29 November 2018 between 7.00 and 9.00 pm. Note this is a regular rehearsal night.


1  To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on March 22, 2018 (note that this meeting was held later that is normal)
2  To receive the President’s and Musical Director’s reports
3  To elect Office Bearers and Committee Members
4  To receive from the Treasurer, statements of income and expenditure during the last financial year, and assets and liabilities
5  Any other business

Nomination Form for Office Bearers and Committee Members

Welcome Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde

This week we welcome Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde to our rehearsal, in preparation for our upcoming combined Squawk ‘N’ Ork Live at Lebowskis concert.  A feature of the performance will be when both orchestras come together to perform music that was submitted and performed at the 2014/15 Composition Competition instigated and co-ordinated by Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde.

Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde is an inclusive world music ensemble based in Northcote. It supports Darebin-based musicians in developing musicianship and performance skills, and promote increased cultural awareness in the community through performances of music from different regions with particular emphasis on the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde supports local composers and performers by providing opportunities for the development and public performance of new works.


Rehearsal Photos

Rehearsals are in full swing!  Last week, we focussed with Luke Serrano at the helm on his pieces Canon in Grand Style, Canon in Honour of the Good Latte, and Hint of Lime.  The result of our hard work can be heard at our concert 2018 Squawk ‘N’ Ork Live at Lebowskis.

Squawk n Ork live

Welcome Luke Serrano

This week, we welcome to our rehearsal Luke Serrano, local composer and teacher who will work with the Squawkestra on his pieces and arrangements, Canon in Grand Style, Canon in Honour of the Good Latte, and Hint of Lime.

Luke majored in Composition during a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Melbourne (1995-98). A thorough study of Baroque counterpoint, Classical formal structures and modern textural techniques was supplemented by further studies in jazz harmony and explorations in a diversity of music from all over the globe, all of which has found a way into Luke’s uniquely engaging, integrated and well-crafted musical style.

Drawn to the wonderful possibilities of music that lies between the intimacy of chamber music and the power of orchestral music, Luke has focused on music for chamber orchestras, with the Aeolus Suite (2014), the Threshold suite (2005). He has also composed a Saxophone Concerto (2000) and a Symphony (1999) as well as numerous chamber works. He was a MSO Young Composer in 1994. Luke’s music has been broadcast on 3MBS and ABC Classic Drive, and has been performed in Australia, Europe and North America. Luke has had numerous works performed in the amateur and educational contexts, including a recent performance (September 2018) of one of his jazz compositions at Hamer Hall. Luke is also a saxophonist, and is very active professionally as an expert arranger of music for all ensembles and styles.

A selection of his compositions can be heard here.


We have started our Luke Serrano Workshop Series!   We kicked off with a first look at his “With a Hint of Lime”, filled with fun rhythms and melodies.  Last rehearsal we moved onto “Canon in the Grand Style”, which showcases (according to an inside source) Luke’s long-held fascination of the Baroque.

Over the next few weeks we will be polishing these pieces, as well as further extending our workshop repertoire with additional compositions from Luke plus traditional rounds and folk melodies. We look forward to performing them at Lebowskis on Sunday 11th November.

Our second workshop series for the year is underway with rehearsals stating on October 11. During October and November we are excited to be working with composer Luke Serrano. We will be performing music arranged by Luke specially for Squawkestra, and culminating in a concert on November 11 at Lebowskis.

The workshop series is designed to give the orchestra an opportunity to work with local composers and other musicians, or to welcome back previous Squawkestra members who have graduated to other orchestras. We look forward to welcoming all players who would like to be part of our workshops and concert.

This is what Luke says of his beautiful eight track Aeolus Suite for chamber orchestra (2014):

I believe that this suite is at once highly accessible, but will greatly reward further listening. Exotic harmonies, exciting percussive rhythms, subtle forms that grow imperceptibly, intricate counterpoint, glowing and vibrant textures, memorable melodies – these are the things with which I love to fill my music.

Luke Serrano workshop series

Spring in the Step at Squawkestra

Thanks to all the Squawkestra players who came out of hibernation or back from their winter holidays to play last rehearsal. What a great complement of players – I didn’t count the violins (there were lots!), eight cellos, two flutes and two trumpets.  We were so pleased to see so many players last night, both old and new friends.

Our seating arrangement is allowing us to play whilst also listening to someone else – always a good thing in an ensemble. Playing rounds is also a great way of learning to work together as we zumba-ed and tumba-ed our way around the arrangements. Our new concert program for November will feature collaborations with contemporary Melbourne composers, musicians and other orchestras. We hope you all continue to be part of the journey.

Those family and friends of Squawkestra who braved the cold and dark of the Winter Solstice were treated to a feast of music making, merriment and warmth as Squawkestra hosted a community concert featuring living Melbourne composers, with works of Andrea Keeble (violin) and Adam Simmons (woodwind), as well as others such as Rebecca Marshall and Squawkestra’s very own artistic director Katrina Wilson O’Brien.

Squawkestra’s Winter Solstice concert was the culmination of a 4-week Yarra Bend Workshop Series program that explored the challenging music that both Andrea (The Crossing) and Adam (String) had specifically arranged for our group.

Additionally, audience and Squawkestra members alike were treated to the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Shakuhachi Melbourne, led by Adam Simmons, through traditional Japanese melodies as well as Adam’s own compositions.

A particular highlight from the performance included the eerie and spooky vibrations from a Waterphone; an inharmonic percussive instrument that was invented and developed by Richard Waters in the late 1960s. This was put to great effect within Adam’s String composition.

Whilst Squawkestra is an orchestra for adult beginners, it does not shy away from challenging contemporary music that extends its players’ abilities so that the orchestra’s musical and artistic ability continues to grow and develop.

If you have a classical musical instrument and haven’t played in a long time but think that you might like to, then head over to our member’s page to find out when our next fortnightly rehearsal will be. Come join us for some music making. Players of all levels of experience and musical background are welcome.