Announcing Luke Serrano Workshop Series

Our second workshop series for the year is underway with rehearsals stating on October 11. During October and November we are excited to be working with composer Luke Serrano. We will be performing music arranged by Luke specially for Squawkestra, and culminating in a concert on November 11 at Lebowskis.

The workshop series is designed to give the orchestra an opportunity to work with local composers and other musicians, or to welcome back previous Squawkestra members who have graduated to other orchestras. We look forward to welcoming all players who would like to be part of our workshops and concert.

This is what Luke says of his beautiful eight track Aeolus Suite for chamber orchestra (2014):

I believe that this suite is at once highly accessible, but will greatly reward further listening. Exotic harmonies, exciting percussive rhythms, subtle forms that grow imperceptibly, intricate counterpoint, glowing and vibrant textures, memorable melodies – these are the things with which I love to fill my music.

Luke Serrano workshop series

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