Welcome Luke Serrano

This week, we welcome to our rehearsal Luke Serrano, local composer and teacher who will work with the Squawkestra on his pieces and arrangements, Canon in Grand Style, Canon in Honour of the Good Latte, and Hint of Lime.

Luke majored in Composition during a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Melbourne (1995-98). A thorough study of Baroque counterpoint, Classical formal structures and modern textural techniques was supplemented by further studies in jazz harmony and explorations in a diversity of music from all over the globe, all of which has found a way into Luke’s uniquely engaging, integrated and well-crafted musical style.

Drawn to the wonderful possibilities of music that lies between the intimacy of chamber music and the power of orchestral music, Luke has focused on music for chamber orchestras, with the Aeolus Suite (2014), the Threshold suite (2005). He has also composed a Saxophone Concerto (2000) and a Symphony (1999) as well as numerous chamber works. He was a MSO Young Composer in 1994. Luke’s music has been broadcast on 3MBS and ABC Classic Drive, and has been performed in Australia, Europe and North America. Luke has had numerous works performed in the amateur and educational contexts, including a recent performance (September 2018) of one of his jazz compositions at Hamer Hall. Luke is also a saxophonist, and is very active professionally as an expert arranger of music for all ensembles and styles.

A selection of his compositions can be heard here.


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