Welcome Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde

This week we welcome Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde to our rehearsal, in preparation for our upcoming combined Squawk ‘N’ Ork Live at Lebowskis concert.  A feature of the performance will be when both orchestras come together to perform music that was submitted and performed at the 2014/15 Composition Competition instigated and co-ordinated by Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde.

Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde is an inclusive world music ensemble based in Northcote. It supports Darebin-based musicians in developing musicianship and performance skills, and promote increased cultural awareness in the community through performances of music from different regions with particular emphasis on the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde supports local composers and performers by providing opportunities for the development and public performance of new works.


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