Housekeeping done – now for some music making

Last night, instead of the sweet tones of Squawkestra rehearsing, the sound of pages shuffling and mutterings of “L, M, N, O ….. P” could be heard from Northcote Senior Citizens Centre.  Committee members and brave volunteers tackled the huge task of filing sheet music from members back into the library.  In addition to last year’s pieces retrieved from across the orchestra, we had random sheets from pieces played from many years ago.  All were sorted back into the work’s relevant section folder, then into the work’s hanging folder, to be catalogued and alphabetised for storage in the office cabinets.  A major task with music for dozens of works!  But  “many hands make light work” and thanks to everyone involved, each sheet found a home.

Next week, Thursday 6th February, is our first rehearsal for 2020, and we can’t wait to get back into music making with Squawkestra at 7pm, Northcote Senior Citizens Centre 18A Bent St Northcote.

2020 Music Sort 1

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