Squawkestra Bringing the Music to You

In these COVID-19 times music matters more than ever, and Squawkestra have a concert date on the 28th May. Whilst we may not be able to guarantee a traditional concert then,  we are proceeding with our program and concert repertoire in new ways.

During our lockout and lockdown we want to continue to bring the music to you. Kat, our Musical Director and Conductor, and your committee has been busy with ideas to engage and inspire you and to encourage you and your instrument to play together.

Kat has made some practice videos in short excepts so that you can play along at rehearsal speed.

First, check out The Plan, where Kat introduces this new approach.  Then pull out your Pastoral Symphony music and be prepared to practise bars 1 to the end of 36, and then bars 37 thru to 53.  We intend to post further videos on a fortnightly basis, replacing face to face rehearsals.

After watching – and playing along – please comment on the page with your suggestions or questions so we can learn from each other and refine our virtual squawkestra techniques.

We are also looking outward beyond our members, recognising the particular hardships of the arts community. Working with local composers is something we would like to do, and we encourage all members of Squawkestra who compose or know of someone who could write for us to get in touch with Kat. Now is the time to dust off those half finished compositions.

We hope you will stay with us during this new phase as we seek to continue our music-making, Squawkestra-style.

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