Squawkestra’s Winter Season

Last rehearsal was the launch of our Winter Season, with the exciting experience of our first play-through of a new work written for us by composer in residence, K Travers Eira.  Travers, a composer, performer and Squawkestra viola player, has composed “Alun key supplied”, a modular piece for variable orchestra.   

In a truely collaborative experience, first we heard from Travers about the inspiration and approach for the piece.  Then as we played and explored, we asked about timings, markings and intent.  Travers heard from us including possible bassoon fingerings, preferred clef for the cello, suggestions for additional rehearsal marks and requests to highlight favourite passages.  

Travers will use the feedback collected in rehearsal along with suggestions and ideas submitted online to further refine the piece for next rehearsal.  We look forward to playing the results of this work!

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