It’s frustrating at first …

Buoyed with the words of encouragement from Zoe Knighton in her recording masterclass, Squawkestra members have been tackling the challenge of recording with enthusiasm.

Working with the new, unfamiliar, and sometimes bewildering interface for virtual, collaborative music making that is BandLab, we are learning.  

Learning how to add, record and save tracks for each of our instruments to a shared Squawkestra project.  Learning to play alone with a click track rather than with our squawky mates next to us. Learning the best time to record to avoid the neighbour’s barking dog or the tuneful, but unwelcome, blackbird singing outside the window.  And above all, learning how to screw up the courage to listen to the playback of your recording!

We still have lots to learn, and indeed as Zoe warned us, it’s frustrating at first!  But we are progressing and can’t wait to hear a full Squawkestra sound again, thanks to the perseverance of Squawkestra members and the magic of technology. 

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