First Rehearsal for 2021

Last week was our first rehearsal for 2021, and the first in 11 months where we could play together as a real orchestra.  Masked up, checked in and socially-distanced, we got down to do the magical business of music-making, together again.  

First up was an orchestration of the “Tetris Theme”, and just like the the computer game it got faster – and harder – on each repeat.  Then arrangements of pieces from our “Composer of the Season” Sebelius’ Karelia Suite.  After the break, and a welcome catch-up with friends, was our first non-virtual play of K Travers Eira’s Alun Key Supplied. Commissioned by Squawkestra in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdown and first rehearsed in online “Zoom” rehearsals it was a fitting conclusion to our return to in-person rehearsals.

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