Composing Conversations Kick Off

Our first Composing Conversations workshop was a big success last week. We began work on Mark Viggiani’s piece Of Tulips and Dragons an arrangement of Bartok’s piano music for orchestra. Orchestra members received their part for Overflow, an original composition by Nick Goulding. There was much excitement as orchestra members delved into a new sonic world of discovery.

Our first composing conversation was with our resident composer, Nick Goulding. In our conversation with Nick we were given an introduction to the inner working behind his new piece. What a privilege it is to hear how a piece comes together. We heard about his influences and his vision and narrative for his work, Overflow. Orchestra members were encouraged to ask questions openly and candidly. There was much laughter shared and aligning of possibilities.

Composing Conversations LogoIt’s not too late to take part. Come along to the next rehearsal this Thursday 11 July and check out the the full workshop program!

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