Composing Conversation with Sally Burgess & Jenny Khafagi

Our Composing Conversation at last week’s workshop was with VCO Project founder Sally Burgess and patron Jenny Khafagi.

Sally Burgess is the Founder and the vision behind the VCO Project. Sally has a non music day job but a commitment and passion for community music and it’s participants. We heard about her vision for the VCO Project and the interest of promoting music, musicians and shepherding new sounds into the world – especially for community orchestras. We learnt how she she is making it happen with the help of some influential friends as well as the nitty-gritty of matchmaking composers with orchestras and sourcing music stands and percussion for the Gala concert!

Jenny Khafagi is a violinist and well known among Australia’s most respected orchestras, including Melbourne and Queensland Symphony Orchestras and ACO2 Collective (Australian Chamber Orchestra). As a full time career musician, Jenny is busy with performing, rehearsing and touring schedules as well as being active in supporting new music and community music and she is a highly regarded educator. We were especially lucky to have Jenny on hand to demonstrate to us new harmonics techniques the strings will use in Nick Goulding’s piece Overflow.

Composing Conversation 2019_07_11

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