Zoom Rehearsal

Last week we had our first “Zoom Rehearsal” of the Virtual Squawkestra. After some initial technical issues (and apologies to members who did not get the updated link in time) we were set up in our music rooms, studies and spare rooms with instruments at the ready.  It required careful arrangement of device, music stand, instrument and self so that we could read our music, see and be seen by Kat.

It wasn’t the same as a “normal” Squawkestra rehearsal – and it was never going to be due to the limitations of video conferencing.  So we experimented with different approaches; using Kat’s rehearsal videos, listening to other YouTube recordings of our pieces and Kat conducting “live”.

Generally we played together, with all but one player muted, hearing our own instrument and listening to another.  It was great how we overcame initial shyness to play for the group, giving all the opportunity to hear each section’s part and learn how they fit with our own.  Motivated to pick up sometimes neglected instruments, we are learning new ways to listen and practise our performance pieces.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Squawkestra rehearsal without a tea break, so we also had time for a shared tea, coffee (or something stronger?!) and a chat.

It was wonderful to connect again – playing individually, yet playing together.

Our next “Zoom Rehearsal” will be at the regular Squawkestra rehearsal date & time – 7pm April 30. The zoom link will be sent in the regular Squawkestra update email, and we hope to have more members join us.

Zoom Rehearsal

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