Squawkestra is excited to announce its upcoming workshop series “Composing Conversations”.

We will be exploring new works written especially for, and in collaboration with, Squawkestra across eight workshops and culminating in a performance at the Victorian Community Orchestra (VCO) Project Gala Concert.

Workshops will be conducted by Katrina Wilson O’Brien and include collaboration with VCO Project composers Mark Viggiani and Nicholas Goulding and conversations with VCO Project Patron Zoe Knighton and VCO Project Founder Sally Burgess.

Beginning Thursday June 27 at Northcote Senior Citizen’s Centre, 18A Bent St, Northcote. Participation is free for Squawkestra members, and $90/$70 Concession for new members.

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With the temperature dropping and winter around the corner, rehearsals for our upcoming “Little Winter Music” concert are well advanced. Pieces we will perform include Mendelssohn’s Nocturne from Midsummer’s Night Dream, Robert Sheldon’s Appalachian Morning and a Purcell Air. See our 2019 Concerts page for details.

Last rehearsal, Squawkestra was delighted to host not one, but two local composers!

In anticipation of our participation in the Victorian Community Orchestra Project Composer Competition and Community Gala Concert (https://www.vcoproject.org/), we hope to build a relationship with a resident composer who will write an original orchestral work for us.

As final arrangements and official announcements are yet to be made, their identities will remain a mystery for now, but we are excited at the prospect of playing music written especially for us!

Rehearsals return to usual venue

Our first rehearsal was a great success with some new players, new music and getting back into the joy of Squawkestra music-making.

Although it was an adventure in navigating the outer limits of Preston, this week we return to normal at Northcote Senior Citizen’s Club (18 Bent St, Northcote) where we have more room to play in, we can find the light switches and produce boiling water on demand!

If you haven’t yet paid your 2019 membership fees, please use the online account details on our 2019 Membership Form (remember to put your name in the payment description!) or bring to rehearsal.

Our first rehearsal for 2019 is on Thursday 7th February at 7pm.  As our usual venue is not available, we will be rehearsing at the East Preston Senior Citizen’s Centre, 18 Donald Street, Preston.  Rehearsals will return to Northcote Senior Citizen’s Centre at Bent St, Northcote for the rest of the year.

Rehearsal dates for 2019 have been updated on our Members page (including Break Time Duty Roster) and added to our Squawkestra meetup events.

Looking forward to getting into some great Squawkestra music-making for 2019!

Christmas Soiree – 6 December

Our final event for 2018 is the Christmas Soiree, an intimate performance for Squawkestra members and squawky friends, this Thursday 6th December.  We have some solos, duos and small ensembles lined up, as well as playing all together (something Christmassy, perhaps?)

Please remember to bring your $$ for the catering if you haven’t paid yet.

We are also having a music round-up, so please bring all your squawky sheet music.  All will be gratefully received – this year’s repertoire or any rogue, ancient pieces.


Squawkestra AGM – 29 November

Notice of Meeting

The 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of SQUAWKESTRA Inc. will be held at Northcote Senior Citizen’s Centre, 18A Bent Street Northcote on Thursday 29 November 2018 between 7.00 and 9.00 pm. Note this is a regular rehearsal night.


1  To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on March 22, 2018 (note that this meeting was held later that is normal)
2  To receive the President’s and Musical Director’s reports
3  To elect Office Bearers and Committee Members
4  To receive from the Treasurer, statements of income and expenditure during the last financial year, and assets and liabilities
5  Any other business

Nomination Form for Office Bearers and Committee Members

Welcome Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde

This week we welcome Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde to our rehearsal, in preparation for our upcoming combined Squawk ‘N’ Ork Live at Lebowskis concert.  A feature of the performance will be when both orchestras come together to perform music that was submitted and performed at the 2014/15 Composition Competition instigated and co-ordinated by Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde.

Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde is an inclusive world music ensemble based in Northcote. It supports Darebin-based musicians in developing musicianship and performance skills, and promote increased cultural awareness in the community through performances of music from different regions with particular emphasis on the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Orkeztra Glasso Bashalde supports local composers and performers by providing opportunities for the development and public performance of new works.


Rehearsal Photos

Rehearsals are in full swing!  Last week, we focussed with Luke Serrano at the helm on his pieces Canon in Grand Style, Canon in Honour of the Good Latte, and Hint of Lime.  The result of our hard work can be heard at our concert 2018 Squawk ‘N’ Ork Live at Lebowskis.

Squawk n Ork live