Monthly Archives: July 2019

We are halfway through our Composing Conversations Workshop Series! We have discussed with composers, patrons and conductors their inspirations, motivations and experiences, as well as honing our pieces to be premiered at the  Victorian Community Orchestra Project Gala Concert on Saturday 24 August. Extra rehearsals and guest appearances in the Composing Conversation Workshop Series have been made possible with the financial assistance of an Australia Post Workforce Community Grant. We thank Australia… Read More

Last rehearsal we played under the baton of Mark Shiell, our guest conductor.  Mark has studied and conducted both in Australia and Internationally, and has worked with some of Australia’s most celebrated composers and performers.  He shared with us his stories and experiences working with professional, student and community orchestras. This week Mark will return to lead a sectional for wind & brass, along with Andrea Keeble, who will be leading the string sectional rehearsal…. Read More

Our Composing Conversation at last week’s workshop was with VCO Project founder Sally Burgess and patron Jenny Khafagi. Sally Burgess is the Founder and the vision behind the VCO Project. Sally has a non music day job but a commitment and passion for community music and it’s participants. We heard about her vision for the VCO Project and the interest of promoting music, musicians and shepherding new sounds into the world –… Read More

Our first Composing Conversations workshop was a big success last week. We began work on Mark Viggiani’s piece Of Tulips and Dragons an arrangement of Bartok’s piano music for orchestra. Orchestra members received their part for Overflow, an original composition by Nick Goulding. There was much excitement as orchestra members delved into a new sonic world of discovery. Our first composing conversation was with our resident composer, Nick Goulding. In our conversation… Read More